Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Fun with Google Maps

The Nyack Sketch Log Versus Google Maps

Bill Batson has decided to take on the Street View car. However, rather than use a panoramic camera Bill is using just a sketchpad and pen to create a streetscape of his village.

I really hopes he makes enough sketches to be able to use the Custom Street View function in the Google Maps API. How cool would it be to view a custom Street View tour created in pen and ink.

Mandelbrot Viewer

The Mandelbrot Viewer , believe it or not, lets you view a Mandelbrot in Google Maps. Just zoom in to see the magic of maths in action.

Dudes from Views

Dudes from Views has set itself the rather dubious task of finding the hunkiest looking guys in Google Street View imagery around the world.

I guess that it does slightly offset the other websites that collect Street Views. It has to be admitted that they do seem to regularly feature pictures of scantily clad women.

Refraktionen im Wassertropfen

Markus Reugels has created a beautiful collection of photographs of globes viewed through water droplets. Check them out!

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