Thursday, October 20, 2011

Street View Trike Chased by Train

In Brazil the Street View trike has been hitching a ride on a number of boats to capture imagery of the Amazon. In Canada and Switzerland the Street View camera has been mounted on snowmobiles to capture Street Views on piste.

Now, in Switzerland, the Street View trike has been attached to the front of a huge and powerful locomotive to capture Street View imagery of the Rhaetian Railway. The rail journey from Albula and Bernina has been on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites since 2008 and soon we will all be able to experience this beautiful journey via the magic of Street View.

If you can't wait for the new Street View imagery to appear on Google Maps you could have a look at this video map of the Glacier Express that I created a few years ago (and miraculously still seems to work). An even more impressive video map is the Trans Siberian Express map produced by Google (from Moscow-Vladivostok).

Or you could check out this video of the Street View trike in action on the Albula and Bernina line.

Via: Macprime


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Eleanor said...

Seems similar to my project, 'Firxt Train View'