Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How far can you get with Google Maps?

Isochrone maps show you how far you can travel from a given location in a set time. The Isochronous Application uses Google Maps to help you work out how far you can travel from any location in any amount of time.

The application allows users to select a location, a time and the mode of transport (car, on foot or by bike). The map then displays a polygon on the map showing where you could travel in the defined time.

Also See
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Anonymous said...

I prefer this site for the same function (also uses Google Maps):

It has more options and looks slightly more accurate (at least for my area)

Anonymous said...

^ I tried that site myself before I came across this app, and for my location at least, I found this one much more accurate.

I think this app takes into account both city and rural speed limits, whereas I found the other one only able to have one set speed.

Although I do agree with you that there are a whole host of options for the other one, so it really depends on what you're looking for