Sunday, October 30, 2011

Google Maps of the Week is a crowdsourced Google Map that can be used to find, review, share and discuss businesses and locations in your local area.

Users of can find the best places and events in their area based on the reviews of other users. Searching the map simply involves defining what you want to search and where, for example 'pizza' in 'New York'. Results are then displayed on the map and in the map sidebar. wants to be your one stop map for Austria. The application uses Google Maps to provide access to over 522,000 Austrian business locations, localised weather information, route planning and much more.

It is possible to find business locations (such as local restaurants) by using the categorised links beneath the map. The slide menu at the side of the map provides links to the many other functions provided by this Google Map.

These functions include: traffic conditions and webcams, route planning, locally posted messages on Twitter, photographs & videos and local points of interest.


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