Sunday, October 09, 2011

Google Maps of the Week

My Versa Road Trip is another great marketing campaign that uses Google Maps to effectively grab the interest of users and at the same promote a product. The campaign lets users share their favorite road-trips and have a chance to win a Nissan Versa or daily iTune gift card prizes.

Using the application it is very easy to map your favourite road trip. The finished animated road trips are very impressive, with Street View tours of important stages and accompanying soundtrack

The Arte Fora do Museu project is using Google Maps to map the street art of São Paulo.

The map highlights the murals, sculptures, architecturally important buildings and graffiti that can be found in the city's public spaces. Each mapped artwork can be viewed in Street View and includes a video synopsis by an art expert.

Custom Maps is an essential app for Android phones for any serious off-trail hikers, sailors or anyone else who needs detailed off-line maps.

The app lets you quickly create a custom map for your Android phone from any map image or photo file. The image can be a photo or scan of a paper map. It could even just be the photo of a map posted at the beginning of a trailhead or at the entrance to an amusement park, which you can capture with your smartphone camera.

To create a custom map all you have to do is choose two (or more) points in your map image and plot them on a Google Map. That's all it takes. Your finished map can then show your GPS location and will work even when a data signal is not available like in a state park or when abroad.


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