Sunday, October 23, 2011

Google Maps of the Week

Everything about the Het Amsterdam van Anne Frank time-line is beautifully realised, including its use of static and interactive Google Maps.

The time-line explores the history of Amsterdam before and during German occupation in World War II. The time-line includes excerpts from Anne Frank's diary alongside historical photographs and videos of Amsterdam during the occupation.

Safecast was created one week after this year's Japanese earthquake in order to build a radiation sensor network of static and mobile sensors around Japan.

So far Safecast has collected over 750,000 data points which they have made accessible through a number of useful Google Maps. The Safecast Map depicts a heat map of the radiation readings.

The National Wildlife Foundation's Nature and Event Finder is a great Google Map of the U.S.'s National and State Parks, Wildlife Areas, National Forests and much more.

Users can search for their nearest wildlife points of interest and events by location and even define the radius they wish to search within. The advanced search options allow users to search the map by category or by type of event.


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