Monday, October 10, 2011

Three New Twitter Google Maps is a new application that can show you all your Twitter followers on a Google Map.

As well as showing the locations of all your followers also provides a word-cloud of your recent Tweets, displays your recent hash tag use and displays who has recently mentioned you in a Tweet. displays the latest Tweets from the 2012 presidential candidates on a Google Map.

To view the latest Tweets from a candidate users can click on the candidate's map marker or on their name, listed below the map.

TweetMapping is a Japanese Google Map that lets you search for geo-related Tweets.

Users can enter any search term and view all Tweets that mention the term around the world. Although the instructions are given in Japanese the map actually works with any language (for example it will work with a search for 'coffee', 'コーヒー' or 'café').


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