Friday, October 07, 2011

A Google Maps Guide to São Paulo's Art

The Arte Fora do Museu project aims to map the works of art that can be found on the streets of São Paulo. The project's Google Map provides a great city guide to São Paulo's publicly accessible works of art.

The map highlights the murals, sculptures, architecturally important buildings and graffiti that can be found in the city's public spaces. Each art work on the map includes a detailed synopsis by an expert on the work.

If you click on a marker you can view the art work using Google Maps Street View, view the experts comments in a YouTube video and read a brief description of the work.


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Jorge Alvaro said...

There's also a Meipi about street art, focused in São Paulo but with entries also in other places.

You can check it out at

Meipi is a collaborative map tool where you can create a map about any subject. It was mentioned here too :)