Sunday, October 16, 2011

Two Great Google Maps for Photographers

Nucuo is a Google Map and online database designed to help photographers search and find shooting locations around the world. Registered users of Nucuo can even add their own great locations for taking photos to the database and map.

Locations are displayed on the map with thumbnail images of a photo taken at each location. Using the map it is possible to search for great shooting locations by place and by a large number of tags, categorised into 'Outdoors', 'Feelings' and 'Style'.

Nuoco is a great tool for finding the right location for your photo shoot. If you do find the right location with Nuoco you could then use The Photographer's Ephemeris to find the right time to visit for the perfect light.

The Photographer's Ephemeris is a free sun and moon planning tool for outdoor photography. The application uses Google Maps to show sunrise and sunset times and indicates the current direction of the sun based on your location. The application includes some really advanced features, including automatic time zone and elevation detection, correction for atmospheric refraction and height above the horizon.


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