Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Win a Nissan Versa with Google Maps

Here is another great marketing campaign that uses Google Maps to effectively grab the interest of users and at the same promote a product. Nissan's My Versa Road Trip lets users share their favorite road-trips and have a chance to win a Nissan Versa or daily iTune gift card prizes.

To enter the competition you need to share your favorite car trip, by plotting the journey on a Google Map and selecting your choice of soundtrack. You can then view your road-trip animated on Google Maps, with Street View tours of all the points you entered on the trip with the chosen sound-track blasting away through your speakers.

As well as adding your own great road-trips you can browse the road-trips created by others. The animated tours, created with the Google Maps for Flash API, with Street View highlights and accompanying highlights are very impressive.


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OC Nissan said...

That looks like a fun competition. I never knew that you could plot and save a road trip on Google maps to your favorite song; that's very interesting.