Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Murder Map of the World

The Guardian newspaper has created a Google Map showing Murder rates Around the World. The map was created using data from the UNODC.

The UNODC collected the national data on homicide for 207 countries. Different countries have different definitions of murder and also have different methods for collecting the data. The map therefore doesn't show a real like-for-like comparison between countries.

However the map does give a rough overview of murder rates around the world. The Guardian for example goes on to make a link between economic conditions in a country and the murder rate,

"If we take some economic measures such as GDP per capita from the CIA factbook we can see a general trend that those lower in the ranking are those with higher murder rates."


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Randy Majors said...

And notice the U.S. in orange alongside Pakistan and Russia. How much of that is driven by methodology vs. reaity?