Monday, October 17, 2011

The British on Google Maps

How British do you feel?

I guess that for most of you the answer will be 'Not at all'.

If you are from Great Britain then The Guardian would like to know whether you feel more British or more Scottish, English, Welsh, Irish or Northern Irish.

In order to gauge their readers' sense of national identity The Guardian has set up a Google Maps based poll. The poll asks users to enter a postcode and then select the appropriate flag depending on whether they feel more British, Scottish, English, Welsh, Irish, Northern Irish or other.

After users have answered the question they can then view a Google Map of all the answers. The map plots the answers using the different country flags that respondents chose.

Overall the map doesn't throw up many surprises. The Scottish tend to feel Scottish, the Welsh feel Welsh etc. Maybe the biggest eye-opener is the choice of the 'other' flag for most respondents in Cornwall. It looks like The Guardian should have added a Cornish flag to their possible answers.


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