Sunday, March 31, 2013

Introducing Google Treasure Maps

In order to help the ailing global economy Google Maps has today unveiled a new map layer, 'Treasure Maps'.

The new Treasure Maps layer should help all fortune seekers find any nearby hidden booty. To view the Treasure Maps layer just select the button on the top right of Google Maps. If you need additional help in finding any hidden treasure, whilst in Treasure Maps, open Street View which now has a very handy black and white telescope view.

There are actually a number of hidden clues on the map. Look for icons that have numbers beside them - the numbers are map co-ordinates that you can follow to new locations. Check out the comments below for help on where to find the treasure or check out this Treasure Maps - Spoilers post.

If you do manage to find the two passwords hidden on the map then you should be able to access two zipped files that Google have now posted online. Here's what Google says about the files:

"Have you found Captain Kidd's long-lost treasure yet? We found some locked treasures on the map, but Captain Kidd locked these with a secret code:"

The new Treasure Maps layer of course has nothing to do with April Fools Day.

MapsTD has already hacked the new map layer. You can now play Tower Defence on the Treasure Map layer of Google Maps. 
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