Saturday, March 30, 2013

The non-Google Maps of the Week

Forecast is a beautiful looking responsive weather application that works perfectly both on a desktop or in a mobile browser.

Set your location on Forecast and every time you open the app you can get an instant weather forecast for today, the next 24 hours and the week ahead. The map includes a 24 hour radar animation and if you click on any of the days (shown beneath the map) you can view a detailed forecast for that day.

Probably the most shared map of the last week was the Stamen <3 Here map. The map is a beautiful visualisation of Nokia's awesome 3d map views.

The map is a little memory intensive and can be very slow on older computers but does present some beautiful city views. Unfortunately at the moment you can only explore, New York, London, Berlin and San Francisco on the map.

This Place is a nice UK census data exploration tool that uses ONS Census shapefiles to provide stand-out maps of UK census tracts.

Using the tool it is possible to search for an area by postcode or by latitude and longitude and view detailed information about the neighbourhood from the UK census. What stands out to the map geek however is how the static maps are presented on the screen, with the chosen census tract punched out on a masked map. 

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