Saturday, March 30, 2013

Erin Brockovich on Google Maps

Erin Brockovich, most famous for her legal victory against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company and the subsequent movie about the trial, has released a Google Map of communities' environmental and health concerns.

The People’s Reporting Registry Map allows individuals around the world to report local environmental issues that they think are harmful to their communities or affecting the health of local people.

The map itself was created using the ZeeMaps map creation platform. ZeeMaps provides software-as-a-service that allows anyone to create and publish interactive maps, do geo-analysis of location data or create mapped visualisations for presentations and printing.

ZeeMaps can be created from data from CSV or Excel files as well as Google Spreadsheets. Users can even set up their maps to be automatically updated as the Google Spreadsheets change.

A ZeeMap of Craft Beer Spots in Milwaukee 

ZeeMaps includes extensive admin controls that allow map administrators to moderate data entry. These include three levels of access control per map to allow the secure crowd-sourcing of data.

Maps created with ZeeMaps also have a comprehensive geo-search capability that can be combined with map data. ZeeMaps searches for information on the map, based on user-defined fields combined with location. For example, if a map contains customer data with fields such as customer-level (for Premium, Gold, Silver, etc.) then a user can perform a query for all customers in California that have a Gold level.

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