Saturday, March 02, 2013

The non-Google Maps of the Week

Development Seed has created an animated map that cleverly works both as a slideshow of their successful projects and as a user interface to navigate around the website.

The map slideshow animates and zooms in on Development Seed's projects around the world. However the user can interrupt the automatic zooming and panning at any time and click on any of the mapped projects to navigate to the project's page on the Development Seed website.

Map Tales is a great application that allows anyone to easily create an animated map tour or story. The app is powered by Leaflet and OpenStreetMap.

The service is a great way for non-programmers to create their own maps. Even if you aren't interested in creating your own maps Map Tales is worth a visit just to browse some of the user created maps, such as the Map Tales of Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days or Homer's Odyssey.

Tweetping is an amazing visualisation of real-time Twitter activity. Whilst the application runs Tweets around the world are added to the map and also added to a dashboard display.

As Tweets are made around the world a picture of current global Twitter activity quickly appears on the map. The dashboard display also allows the user to observe the extent of current Twitter activity across five continents.

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