Monday, March 25, 2013

Mapping Silicon Britain

Every tech scene in every city in the world now seems to have its own tech map. However Tech Britain is I think the first attempt I've seen to map a whole county's new technology industry.

In order to prove that the UK's technology industry extends beyond the hipster confines of London's East End, Tech Britain has been touring the country mapping the UK's start-ups, incubators and investors. The result is this Tech Britain map and a series of video interviews with some of the start-ups that Tech Britain met on journey around the country. 

Tech City Map is a visually striking Google Map of the technology companies and startups in east London.

The map shows the locations of London's silicon roundabout area. The 'show networks' option on the map allows users to visualise the connections between the over 1,300 companies. If you click on an individual map marker there is also an option to view the latest Tweets from the selected tech company.

The Cambridge Cluster (also known as Silicon Fen) is the name given to an area in and around Cambridge, England where a large number of high-tech businesses are located.

The Cambridge Cluster Map is a Google Map showing the locations of the companies that contribute to Cambridge's high-tech sector. The size of the map marker used for each company represents the number of employees in the company. The size of the circles around some of the companies' markers represent the size of the company's revenue. 

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