Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Coffee Marketplace on Google Maps

The Coffee Locator is a really nice example of how easily it is to use the Google Maps API to create a unique and attractive map.

By adjusting the colors of the map tiles (using the Styled Maps feature) and by using a custom created map marker the Coffee Locator map manages to create a distinctive looking map that complements the design of the Coffee Locator website. The color of the map tiles and the addition of a compass rose overlay helps to create the overall look of a coffee-colored vintage map.

The Coffee Locator is an on-line marketplace where coffee retailers can set up an e-commerce store and sell directly to customers worldwide. The map shows the locations of those coffee retailers that have signed up to the Coffee Locator on-line store. Users of the map can search for coffee retailers by location and click through to view and buy coffee and coffee related products.

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