Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Air Pollution on Google Maps

The London Air Quality Network provides information about air quality in and around London.

The site includes a Google Map that allows Londoners to view air quality from monitoring stations positioned around the capital. The stations collect data on London's air quality twice a day and the map is updated hourly.

The London Air Quality Network also includes a Google Map of the annual mean pollution in London during 2008 and a map that shows which areas of London failed to meet the UK government's Air Quality Strategy Objectives during 2012.

Clean Air Asia is a guide to air pollution in Asia with a handy info-graphic guide to how much nose hair you need to live safely in different Asian cities.

If you select a city on the Clean Air Asia Google Map you can get a quick overview of the air quality in the city and a handy little nose hair graphic shows how long your nose hair should be. Clean Air Asia claim that "the more dirty air you breathe, the more nose hair you need".

After checking out how much nose hair you need for where you live you can upload a photo of your face and superimpose different styles of nose hair on your picture to see how you would look with the safe amount of nose hair.

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