Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Satellite Tracking with Google Maps

Satellite Finder uses the Google Earth browser plug-in to help you quickly find the direction to an orbiting satellite from any location.

Using Satellite Finder you can search for an address or just click on the globe to show your current location. You can then select the satellite you wish to view by selecting its name from a list, sorted by continent. The line of sight to the satellite is then displayed on the map. 

ToriSat is an amazing satellite tracking website that allows anyone to track satellites on Google Maps, in the Google Earth Browser plug-in and even in Google Street View.

The Google Map view shows the path of the satellite around the Earth and the Google Earth option allows you to view the path of the satellite as if you were looking down from space. What really impresses me, however, is the Street View option that allows the user to view the satellite superimposed on top of Google's Street View imagery.

The Street View option is really useful as it shows the elevation of the satellite from your point of view and provides a great guide to where you should be looking in the night sky.

Real Time Satellite Tracking lets you track any satellite live on Google Maps.

The application allows you to select any orbiting satellite and view its current position on a Google Map. If you zoom in on the satellite you can actually watch its animated track as the satellite orbits the Earth.  

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