Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Introducing Google Maps Engine Lite

Google has today launched a new mapping platform Google Maps Engine Lite, that provides an easy map creation tool for those who haven't got the coding skills to use the Google Maps API.

Google Maps Engine Lite is free to use for non-business purposes. Using the tool it is very easy to create and share a map containing up to three different data sets. Users can add locations to the map by simply dropping markers on a map (or by tracing a route). Alternatively it is possible to import data from a CSV or XLSX file.

Another way to create a map with Google Maps Engine Lite is to simply import data from a My Map. For example I created a map of the locations in the Two Gallants in Google Maps Engine Lite in a matter of seconds using one of my My Maps.

To create the map all I had to do was choose the My Map from a list of maps I have created in Google Maps. Once the data has been imported it is then possible to share a link to the map or embed it in a website (as I have done above).

Google Earth Engine Lite is very easy to use. However if you run into problems trying to create a map you might find this Google Earth Outlook tutorial helpful.

Via: Google Lat Long

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