Thursday, March 07, 2013

Mapping Japan's Radiation Levels

Safecast is working to build a radiation sensor network, comprised of static and mobile sensors deployed around Japan. The Safecast Maps page includes a number of Google Maps that have been built to help visualise the radiation data collected by the Safecast sensor network.

The Safecast Map itself depicts over 4,000,000 radiation data points collected by the Safecast team. It provides a heat map visualisation of radiation levels collected by the sensor network. The map includes options to view the data on top of different Google Maps styles and using map tiles from different online map providers.

Amongst the other maps is an Interpolation Map (pictured above) that attempts to fill in the space between the individual measurements using data collected from users of the Safecast mobile apps. There are a number of other maps including individual maps of data collected by Safecast car journeys around Japan collecting radiation levels data.

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