Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Can You Navigate the Suez Canal?

Thanks to the Ever Given we are now all aware that steering a 1,312-foot, 220,000 ton container ship is fraught with difficulty. With the help of a new map based game from CNN you can actually test how well you would cope with navigating the Suez Canal.

CNN has put together a little game which requires you to steer a large ship through a small section of the Suez Canal. CNN's Steer Through the Suez Canal map game was designed with the help of Master Mariner Andy Winbow and Captain Yash Gupta. The game requires you to use speed and direction controls to steer a large ship through a few thousand feet of the canal, fighting cross winds and trying to avoid crashing into the sides of the canal.

CNN's game is really just a little bit of fun and they acknowledge that the game bears little resemblance to the real difficulties of piloting a huge container ship. In real life a captain navigating the Suez Canal would also have to deal with the variable depth of water; the proximity of the banks; passing ships; and other weather conditions like visibility.

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