Saturday, March 20, 2021

Music Maps of the World

lo-fi earth map

lo-fi earth is a Google Map which allows you to virtually explore the Earth while listening to the laid back tunes of lo-fi earth. lo-fi hip-hop is a laid back and chilled genre of music which marries hip-hop with jazz 'to create an atmospheric, instrumental soundscape'.

While the music plays you can explore the world on the interactive satellite map. This map includes a heat-map layer which updates to show all the places that you have explored. It also includes heat-map breadcrumbs showing you where other people have also been exploring the map since you started listening to lo-fi earth.

lo-fi earth also includes a camera button which allows you to take snapshots of places on the map as you explore the world. 


If you enjoy listening to music while exploring the world on an interactive map then you should also like the marvelous Radiooooo, global music map. Radioooo allows you to listen to music from anywhere in the world and from any decade going back to 1900.

To start listening to music on Radiooooo you just need to click on a country on the map. You can then select a decade using the buttons at the bottom of the map. The map will then automatically stream music from the country & decade which you have chosen. Radiooooo also includes an option to select the 'mood' of music that you wish to hear (slow, fast or weird). The 'Taxi' option even allows you to select to listen to music from more than one country.

You can also listen to music from around the world on Radio Garden. From the Pacific sounds of Radio Guam to the Siberian tunes of Radio Sabir, the Radio Garden 3d map allows you to listen live to thousands of radio stations across the globe.

Radio Garden features radio broadcasts from hundreds of countries around the world. Just click on a marker on this interactive map and you can tune in to local radio stations which provide live internet radio streams. Radio Garden is a great way to explore the sounds of different cultures around the world. It also provides an interesting insight into the broadcasting traditions of different countries.

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mpegg said...

Great post! Loving lofi earth and I'm a big fan of the radio garden android app!