Friday, March 19, 2021

The D.C. Helicopter Map

There are a lot of helicopters flying over Washington D.C. If you ever want to know more about a chopper currently hovering overhead you can use the Helicopters of DC twitter bot. This Twitter account identifies the make, altitude and owners of helicopters flying in D.C. and then posts that information on Twitter. If you spot a helicopter in the city then there is a good chance you can discover what type of helicopter it is and who it belongs to on the Helicopters of DC Twitter account.

Helicopter of DC also maintain the interactive CopterSpotter map. Helicopters identified on the Helicopters of DC Twitter account are also added to the CopterSpotter map. The map therefore provides a reasonable overview of the helicopter activity in the capital. The map includes a date range filter so you can explore helicopter activity during specific periods of time.

Helicopters are shown on the map using colored markers. These markers indicate the operators of the helicopters shown on the map. Police helicopters are shown with red markers. Yellow markers show medical helicopters. The green dots show the President's helicopter - or Marine One (the President's helicopter is only given the call sign 'Marine One' when the President is on board).

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