Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Canadian Google Maps Mashups Roundup

Nuit Blanche Picks Map

Toronto is hosting a Nuit Blanche event this weekend. Nuit Blanche Toronto runs from sunset at 6:55 pm on Saturday, October 3, to sunrise on Sunday, October 4, 2009. The event is a 'playful overnight celebration of contemporary art'. For the occasion the organisers have created a Google Map of events.

Nuit Blanche involves over 130 art projects, so this map is a great way to find out what events are happening and where. The map uses marker clustering so that the user isn't overwhelmed by map markers. Just zoom in closer to reveal the individual event locations.


CrimeReports, with over 500 law enforcement partners across North America, is now also producing a Google Map mashup showing crimes in Ottawa, Ontario.

It is possible to sort the crimes on the map by time and by type of crime. The map uses different map markers for different types of crime.

Via: Mapperz

Broadband Internet Maps

The Government of Canada is trying to bring broadband Internet service to rural Canadians. As part of this process the government needs to know where high-speed Internet access currently exists.

In order to achieve this aim Industry Canada have created a Google Map for Canadians to record their current provision. To give feedback just click on your location and complete the feedback form.

Via: Street View Gallery


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