Sunday, September 20, 2009

Snapshot Your Google Maps

Snapshot Control

Masashi Katsumata, a Japanese Maps API expert and creator of the Japanese language website Googlermania, has created an excellent utility for the Google Maps API called SnapshotControl.

The utility allows map developers to add a 'snapshot' control to their maps. The control is a button that can be added to a map that will create an image of the current map using the Google Static Maps API v2.

If you are not a developer you can still use some of the example maps that Masashi has created to demo his utility. In particular the Driving Directions demo could be very useful. With the driving directions map you can enter your starting and finishing locations, get your driving directions and then get a 'snapshot' of the route (great for printing out and using off-line).

Via: Google Geo Developers Blogs


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Anonymous said...

Hey, is it possible to get this code for google maps api v3??