Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The UK Sex Map

Love Honey UK Sex Map
LoveHoney, a sex toys superstore, has created a heat map of sex in the UK. According to the map Scotland appears to be the steamiest country in the UK.

The video below has an amusing look at the map (NSFW):

The map purports to show which locations in the UK are having the most sex. LoveHoney have taken an anonymous sample of more than 500,000 orders for sex toys placed with their website and aggregated this data into regions that match the population statistics from the UK Census. They have then produced this heat map of sex in the UK.

It is possible to search the map by postcode or you can just click on the map and an information window will open with details about sexual activity at that location.


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Passion said...

Genius! Brightened up my day.