Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Who in the USA is Using Solar Energy?

Solar Energy Enquiries

Cooler Planet run a free service to help the public find green businesses and service providers in their area. Cooler Planet have taken all of the solar energy inquiries that they have received over the last few years and have produced an animated heat map, showing where those enquiries have come from.

To animate the map select 'Time Lapse' and the map will add all the enquiries, quarter by quarter, from 2007 to 2009. Areas that have made the most enquiries appear in red on the map.

Many of the locations that have made the most enquiries to Cooler Planet, such as Denver, Boston and cities in California are areas that have introduced local rebates on top of the federal tax credit for installing solar technology.

Google Maps Mania have previously featured Cooler Planet's The History of Solar Power Installation in California. This map shows the increase in solar power installations in California since 1999.


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Unknown said...

It is interesting to see the effect that local rebates have on the inquiries about solar energy. Very cool resource, thank you Cooler Planet.

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