Friday, September 04, 2009

Google Map of Towson University

Towson University Campus Map

The Geospatial Research and Education Lab of Towson University, Maryland has created a Google Map of the Towson campus for the university website.

The map uses shaded polygons to show the location of university buildings on the map. Clicking on any of the buildings will open an information window containing the name and a picture of the building and a link to the department's webpage. The window also contains a link to get directions to the location.

It is possible to select the buildings that you want to view on the map by category, e.g. academic or residence. It is also possible to select to view parking lots by 'permit parking', 'accessible parking' and 'visitor parking'.

All the buildings on campus and all the parking lots can be selected from drop-down menus above the map.


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Bodenseepeter said...

They should have osed OSM...