Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Monopoly Maps Mania

Monopoly City Streets
Monopoly's on-line Google Maps game has gone live. Unfortunately the site's severs are currently struggling with the huge demand for the game.

The (poor quality) video below shows a street being bought in the game:

After registering players start the game with $3 million. To buy a street click on the money icon below the map. This loads a search box. Type in an address and the map will centre on that location and all the available streets to purchase will open in an information window.

Once you have bought a street you can then start building upon it. Purchased streets can also be traded with other players. You earn rent on your streets every day and you earn more rent if the streets you own are close together and you own property on them.

Every now and again a chance card will appear on your screen. These chance cards let you sabotage other players' streets, for example by placing a sewage works next to their prime real estate.


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Unknown said...

I finally managed to get into Monopoly City Streets. When the servers weren't down it looked like it could be fun. I managed to snag a few streets in the downtown of my home city, but it took FOREVER.

There's another game where you claim territory on a Google Map called Parallel Kingdom. It's more of an RPG but you claim territory by building flags and it uses the GPS in the iPhone. I think you can get it on Android phones too. I've been playing it for a few months already. I'm pretty sure its still free in iTunes.