Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Google Maps Creation Tool

Mapspread is a Google Maps creation service that allows the user to create maps from spreadsheets,, KML, ESRI Shapefiles or MapInfo TAB files. The creation of maps with mapspread is very easy and the site has a very intuitive user interface.

The video below shows a map being created using mapspread:

If you want to see a map created using mapspread, Pamela Fox has created a map from the Google MyMap being run by volunteers showing the effects of Typhoon Ondoy, in the Philippines. This Ondoy Map has exactly the same data as the volunteer map but uses mapspread's clustering solution to present a tidier looking map.


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Jennifer said...

Great walk-through, really helpful to a novice like me.

I've been playing with this this morning using my Christmas card list, and have some questions:

What if I don't want the data detail to show up as a sidebar in the shared map? I'd rather have it show up when I hover my cursor over the location drop.

What if I want to begin with a state map as the base? I tried using the filter to show only in-state folks, which happened in the map app, but wasn't reflected in the share URL.