Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Photo Markers in ACME Mapper

ACME Mapper

Jef Poskanzer's ACME Mapper provides additional mapping layers and functionality to Google Maps that are not currently available in the standard Google Maps interface (as well as some that are):
  • Topo and DOQ mapping layers (from TerraServer's Web Services)
  • Map scale that automatically adjusts as you zoom out
  • A "crosshairs" widget that shows you exactly where you are centered
  • Print, Email, 'Link to this page' functions
  • A box showing exact coordinates of the center of the map, in your preferred format
  • Nearby placenames from where the map is currently centered
Jef has now added Flickr and Panoramio photographs to the map. To view the Flickr and Panoramio photos on the map click on 'options' and select the correct checkboxes.


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Jef Poskanzer said...

Thanks for the review. Here's the previous Maps Mania article on ACME Mapper: