Thursday, December 16, 2010

5 Chrome Web Store Google Maps

Google's new Chrome Web Store is an online marketplace for web apps, extensions, and themes for Google Chrome. The Google Geo Developers Blog has just posted a round-up of some of the best Google Maps based apps available from the store.


TripTrace organizes all the important places that you’ve been or think you might want to visit; perfect for local exploration or vacation planning. With a simple and engaging experience, TripTrace merges photos, events, and news with your personal address book, check-ins, bookmarked webpages and more.

In a single map, see:

• Where your friends have checked-in in the city you’re visiting.
• What events are near the convention center.
• Is that new restaurant is near that place we used to go?
• What are good hotels near Bill’s house?


View Wikipedia articles related to any geographical location.


Breadcrumbs is an online web application that allows users to visualize (in 3D), organize, edit and share their GPS data and associated photos/videos. The application can be used to track any outdoor activity, from hiking to sightseeing.

Delta Embark

Embark is an online travel guide optimized for Google Chrome. The app provides Google Map based recommendations for:

Dining – Taste the best in town, from burgers to haute cuisine.
Nightlife – Find your vibe among the city’s clubs and bars.
Shopping – Buy your souvenirs where the locals shop.
Bucket List – Here’s what you just can’t miss.
Calendar – Plan a trip around upcoming events.
Insider – Get transit, packing, and other tips.


View your weather and get the latest local current conditions, forecast and more for thousands of locations around the world with this web app.

Via: Google Geo Developers Blog


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Cycling the Alps said...

There are 6 of them! You already wrote about Cycling the Alps (see post "Get on Your Bike with Google Maps"). Cycling the Alps is a web App and off course available in the Chrome Web Store. Search for Alps in the Web Store and you will find it.