Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Create a Google Map of Your Trip


Mentaway looks like a very simple and effective way to create a travel map without having to do anything more than connect your existing social networking accounts. Currently in an invitation only beta, Mentaway is a new way to create a personal travel map through your postings to Foursquare, Twitter and Flickr.

Using Mentaway you can create a Google Map for a trip and then, using a smartphone, all your check-ins, Tweets and photographs will automatically be added to the map. You can then share your created map with your friends and family and they can check your progress from your personal map.

The map displays all your photos, Tweets and check-ins and includes forward and back buttons to allow users to progress chronologically through your entries. Mentaway is also working on adding Gowalla, Facebook and Tumblr support.


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