Monday, December 13, 2010

A New Google Map Creator


Map Faire is a new Google Map creation tool that is very easy to use to create your own map with its own URL.

To create map markers to your map all you have to do is click 'Add a Point", fill in the information that you want to appear in the information window and drop the pin at the correct location. If you need to adjust the location of a marker you can simply drag it to the correct place on the map.

Once you have added a map marker to the map it is also listed in the map sidebar. When you have finished adding all your markers if you click 'Save Changes' you can then choose a URL for your map, which you can then share with your friends, customers etc.

The app creators are currently working on adding features that will also let you set colours, a logo, marker images and map styles.


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PR said...

Try Tixik map creator too: