Thursday, December 02, 2010

Live Webcams on Google Maps

Here is another Google Map of webcams from around the world. What I like about is that all the webcams can be viewed directly on the map.

Currently the map shows over 1000 webcams from around the world. To view a cam just click on a map marker and the webcam image will open in an information window.

Some other webcam maps:


Craig said...

Any idea how to contact the people behind They've got the wrong browser detection script up and instead of allowing Safari users in they just show a link to Firefox and Chrome. Who does that anymore? Just let people in and if you doubt their browser put up a little message, but at least let them try.

Safari users can get in by changing their "User Agent" but that shouldn't be necessary.

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig - you can contact on info(at)geocam(dot)tv

They allow Safari in but it appears there is a bug on their site in Safari.