Friday, December 10, 2010

Another Amazing HTML5 Music Video

Soul Mirror

This HTML5 video from Japanese band Soul River integrates with your Twitter and Facebook accounts and with your webcam to create a truly wild and amazing web musical video.

The video was obviously inspired by The Wilderness Downtown's experimental HTML5 video. Like the Wilderness Downtown video Soul River makes use of numerous browser windows and your geographical location.

Using your browser's geolocation detection capabilities the video displays a Google Map of your location. The Soul River singer is then shown walking across the map. There is a lot more amazing stuff in the full video but really you have to watch it yourself.

To watch the video you will need a browser that supports HTML5. Use Chrome if you have it.


1 comment:

"Guppy" Honaker said...

This is a cool way to integrate music video with social networking and webcams!

- David

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