Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Share Location with A Short URL


PinPoints is a clever short URL creator for locations, that will work with any mobile phone, no matter what mapping service it uses. PinPoints figures out what navigation software you have and will show the sent location on whatever map service you have available.

PinPoints allows an address, like "221B Baker Street, London" to be converted into something like This URL can then be shared by email, SMS, Tweet etc. When someone then clicks on the link it will show the location on an online map. If you click on it via a BlackBerry device it will open in BlackBerry Maps, when you click on it via a Nokia smartphone it will open in Nokia Maps and for iPhone users it will open Google Maps and so on.

If you open a PinPoint created link in a browser you will be asked if you want to view the location in Google Maps or Bing Maps.


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