Friday, December 17, 2010

Great British Google Maps Round-Up

Great British Life

Great British Life is a website that celebrates everything that is great about Great Britain. This celebration includes a Google Map that allow readers to browse restaurant reviews, upcoming events and reader's photographs by location.

It is possible to filter the map by 'articles', 'events', 'photos' and 'blogs'. If you click on a map marker you can read a brief review and view ratings. Each window also includes a link to read the full article.

LiveMap Devon

Prolific Google Maps developer Colin Johnson has produced a number of UK based Google Maps under the LiveMaps label.

This Google Map details events in the county of Devon, featuring Town Shows, Carnivals, Farmers Markets etc. The map displays events for the next three months. The map also links to a Devon Live Entertainment page which features the leading theatres and venues in the region, a Devon Attractions site detailing a wide variety of things to do and places to visit and a Devon Holiday Accommodation page.

LiveMap English Football Ground Guide
This Google Map is a guide to the soccer clubs in the top 16 divisions of English football.

LiveMap RoadworksLiveMap Lincoln Essentials
This Google Map is a directory with a difference. Detailing a range of useful locations such as car parks, cash machines, recycling banks, post offices in the city of Lincoln

LiveMap Wildlife Parks
LiveMap Wildlife Parks plots the location of over 130 zoos, safari parks, butterfly farms and other wildlife attractions throughout the UK.

LiveMap Theatres & Venues
Details hundreds of theatres and live entertainment venues throughout the UK.

Citizens Report UK
Citizens Report UK, a website dedicated to helping citizens improve their personal safety, uses Google Maps to help report on many safety and crime issues in the UK. A couple of weeks ago Google Maps Mania featured the Citizens Report UK map of British Road Casualties 2008 & 2009.

Interactive Map of Recorded Offence

This Google Map uses Fusion Tables plots Recorded Offence Volumes in the Local Authorities of England and Wales - from 2003 to 2010.

The map makes great use of the Fusion Tables queries function. It is possible to refine the results shown on the map by offence, date and region.


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