Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Google Maps of City Council Agendas

Toronto City Council Agendas

Toronto City Council have redesigned their web pages for the meetings, schedules and agendas of the City Council and its committees. Included in the update are new Google Map views of the city's agendas.

The new map views in the agendas allow Toronto citizens to see what decisions are affecting the parts of the City that are important to them. The council will be mapping all agendas going forward and are working on retroactive conversion going back to 2007.

If you click 'Map' on the header for any meeting you can view the Google Map of the agenda. Here are a couple of examples:
At the moment the maps are rendered for specific meetings of specific committees. The council are also working on additional mapping features, including overlays of agendas from multiple committees within specific date ranges.


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