Monday, December 20, 2010

Telling Stories with Google Maps


MapSkip is an interesting Google Map that allows users to map stories about places. The stories can be about the place you fell in love, where you had a dream vacation or where you took a great picture. Alternatively your stories can be about the places that are important in your life, such as where you live, eat, work and have fun.

MapSkip has a community of over 1,000 registered users and has mapped over 1,200 stories. MapSkip is particularly popular with many schools and teachers. The site allows teachers to create student accounts and adjust settings so that students' work is not visible to others. A Teacher's Interface also allows teachers to review stories submitted by their students.

The MapSkip map of submitted stories can be filtered to show only your added stories and places, to display only your favourited stories, or only stories that have sound or video.


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