Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Google Maps Goes Above & Beyond

Trance Around the World with Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond's weekly 'Trance Around The World' radio show is syndicated on over 237 FM radio stations worldwide with a total estimated audience of 30 million. With such a wide range appeal it only seems natural to allow trance fans around the world to share their thoughts with this animated Google Map.

The map animates through the latest Twitter messages with the hashtags #tatw or #tatw350. The map also shows the locations of all of radio stations around the world that broadcast the show and the locations of upcoming trance events.

The map is also doing a very good job in promoting the TATW 350 event at the LA Palladium this Friday. There will be a seven hour broadcast of the event through local radio stations, Sirius XM and online via DI.FM and

Via: All things spatial


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Unknown said...

Yup google maps are the best just like im connected in satellites in a year how many would you update the images??is satellites can go zoom to the highest level and can see if the person have lice??hehehe its a joke...

Thank you so much for the maps that you've provided....