Monday, December 13, 2010

Google Maps Rising Map Searches

Google Zeitgeist 2010

Google have produced a map animation of some of the top searches this year for Global Events.

using the map you can choose to view an animation of the year's searches for a combination of events. The events included in the map are the World Cup, the Gulf oil spill, the winter Olympics, the Haiti earthquake and the Icelandic volcano eruption and ash cloud. You can view an animation of the amount of searches for each event or select to view a combination of events on the map.

Beneath the map it is also possible to see the 'Fastest Rising Maps Searches" for 2010.
  1. anhembi parque
  2. wm gucken
  3. world cup
  4. bundeskanzleramt
  5. rio branco
  6. mt everest
  7. kew gardens
  8. tour eiffel
  9. oxford street
  10. nürburgring
Via: Mapperz


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