Thursday, June 16, 2011

Drive a Mini on Google Maps

Mini Maps on Facebook

Mini Maps is a great driving game for Facebook that lets you race anywhere in the world on Google Maps.

You can race on tracks created by other players, competing against the best track times or even race against others by inviting your Facebook friends to play. Alternatively you can create your own tracks, set the best time and challenge others to try and beat you.

The game has some great features. Visibility is affected by the local time, so, for example, if you log into San Francisco at night, you are going to be driving with the assistance of your headlamps.

Unlike most Google Maps based driving games this one actually features collision detection. There's no off road driving here - you will have to stick to those roads. The game also lets you select from a number of Mini models and even lets you customise the look of your car.


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