Monday, June 27, 2011

Make Your Own History Map

Weaving History from the Open Knowledge Foundation lets you create your own history maps with a little help from the Simile Timeline and Google Maps.

The Simile Timeline widget has long been a favourite tool for Google Maps developers who want to create maps about historic events. The programming skills required for both the timeline widget and the Google Maps API however does create a barrier for anyone who hasn't got the necessary knowledge of javascript.

With Weaving History you can create your own historical timeline and map without any programming skills. To create a new timeline map you just need to start a new 'thread' on Weaving History and add some relevant 'factlets'.

When adding factlets you can just add the URL of a Wikipedia article and the factlet is added automatically. As you add factlets to your thread they are automatically added to your thread. It is as easy as that.

Add a few factlets to a thread and you soon have your own historical timeline map.

Weaving History


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