Friday, June 03, 2011

Friday Fun with Google Maps

Google Maps Tilt Shift

Street View Funny found this Google Maps 'bird's eye' view image that has a nice tilt shift effect.

The effect has been created accidentally because of the juxtaposition of some blurred map tiles next to some clearer tiles. However it is possible for Google to actually reproduce this effect on the fly on oblique view imagery by creating a blurring filter with the canvas element on individual map tiles.

Now that would be an interesting use of a Googler's 20% time (hint).

Street View House Blurring

In Germany Google have given home owners the option to have their houses blurred out in Street View. A regional DIY store created a clever campaign around the idea of house blurring in Street View to promote their business.

Flat Earth has discovered that if you zoom out on Google Maps you will find that the world is flat after all. My attempts to reproduce this on Google Maps have failed miserably. However the site did capture this screenshot so I'm sure it must be true.


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