Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mornington Crescent on Google Maps

Mornington Crescent is a turn-based strategy game which, in its simplest form, can be picked up quite quickly but does take years to truly master. The rules of Mornington Crescent can appear very confusing when you first start playing the game. The almost infinite number of rule variations, such as "Trumpington's Variations" or "Tudor Court Rules", means that even seasoned players often get confused.

As an aide to novice players I have created this animated map of one particular notorious game when a novice player managed to beat two of the game's most famous players.

The game itself was recorded and luckily someone has uploaded it to YouTube. All you have to do is load the webpage and the video will start playing automatically. When the game begins the map will animate to show each of the players' moves.

If you want to learn more about the game then NF Stovold’s book 'Mornington Crescent: Rules and Origins' comes highly recommended.

Mornington Crescent



Bill said...

I'm still none the wiser, but thanks!

Keir Clarke said...

Bill, I probably didn't choose the best example. The use of the congestion charge zone in this game probably just confuses things.

This compendium of Mornington Crescent Game Variations might help,


Luke said...

Just checking, was this game played with the the chelsea CC zone extenion in place? I'm presuming so, otherwise I think that final move was illegal.