Friday, June 10, 2011

Google Maps of Bangkok Traffic

Bangkok Traffic

Bangkok Traffic is a driving directions application for the Thai capital that also displays real-time traffic information.

To get driving directions you can drop two map markers on a Google Map or enter your starting point and destination into the search box. Your route is then displayed on the map and listed in the map sidebar.

Also displayed on the map is real-time traffic information, showing current traffic speeds on the city's roads. It is also possible to click on the webcam map markers to view real-time images from the city's traffic cams.

Via: ProgrammableWeb


Traffy is another very good Google Map of traffic conditions in Bangkok. Roads on the map are coloured green, yellow or red depending on the current traffic conditions.

Traffy can also provide driving directions. If users define a start point and destination Traffy will provide the best current route, avoiding where possible traffic jams. Traffy also includes map markers of traffic cams. When you click on a camera map marker an image of the current road conditions is shown in the map sidebar.


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