Thursday, June 02, 2011

Loving You is Easy with Google Maps

Tiffany & Co - Love is Everywhere

You might not be able to afford Tiffany diamonds for the special one in your life but you can share your love with this Google Map from the self proclaimed 'world's premier jeweler'.

To share your favourite romantic locations you just need to click on the 'Share your love' button and place the heart shaped map marker on the correct spot on the map.

If you are single and have no romantic love to share you can browse through the hundreds of romantic locations added by other users in preparation for the next time you date. You never know if you find the right location you might then be able to add your marker to the 'I Just Made Love' Google Map.

I Just Made Love Map

If you've just made love and you want to shout about it add yourself to this Google Map. This mashup uses Google Maps to show the locations in the world where people have just made love.

You can add your own marker to the map by right clicking on the map, choosing 'indoors' or 'outdoors' and leaving a comment. The map is available in a number of languages (you can set a language by clicking on the appropriate set of panties at the top right of the screen).


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